‘Luck,’ Season 1, Episode 2: TV Recap


If there was a common criticism of "Luck’s" pilot episode, it was that the multiple plot strands were a little hard to follow. Good news, though, race fans: things clear up a bit in the second episode, which was directed by Terry George ("Hotel Rwanda") and written by racing expert John R. Perrotta. Now, I’m not saying it spells everything for you–after all this is a show from David Milch, who likes to play his narrative cards close to his vest–but it does shed a little light on what’s at stake for some of the characters. Most notably, we find out why and for whom Ace (Dustin Hoffman) went to prison for three years.

We pick up with Ace visiting his parole officer. For some reason, he has to provide a urine sample. Ace doesn’t look like the kind of guy who’s mixed up in drugs, whether selling or using, so this is a bit of a head-scratcher. Soon, though, we learn that Ace did indeed go away for drugs, cocaine to be exact, but only to take the fall for a couple other people. One is his former business partner, Mike, who once co-owned the co-op building where the drug bust was made. Mike was using the co-op as a storage location for his product. The other person Ace did the time for was his grandson, who was getting high on Mike’s supply. When pressed by Gus whether Mike would have done the same for him, Ace acknowledges that Mike would have sold him out. But I’ve never ratted anybody out, Ace adds. Besides, revenge is so much more satisfying, and Mike is the target of the plan Ace puts into motion this episode. Read More...



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