Californication Review: Dude Looks Like a Lady

After last week's dinner party fiasco, whatever respect Hank managed to keep in the eyes of his family went right out the window by the conclusion of "The Ride-Along."

It remains to be seen what the repercussions of Hank's joy ride with Samurai will be, but he most definitely violated his emotional probation with Becca and Karen after Tyler linked Samurai to the guys who jumped him in the club. It was a shame on a number of levels.

First, it seemed like Tyler really had taken Hank's advice to heart and was warming to his girlfriend's father as he proudly admitted to sabotaging Bates for trying to stand in for Hank. Also by disappointing his girls yet again, Hank's actions brought a rather somber conclusion to what had been a ridiculously comedic scene featuring the return of boozy Bates and his notorious mangina.  Read More...


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