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I was hesitant about the introduction of Robin's new love intrest but I have to say that Isabelle is a very intriguing character. She seems strong but not obnoxiously so and she has had a much harder life than Marion. And yet she presents a really big challange for Robin and I really saw that when he was talking to her in the forest after they find out that she's Guy's sister. Since it's pretty obvious he's falling for her, he is going to have to ask himself "Can I let myself fall in love with someone that is that closely connected with Guy and risk losing her to him and getting my heart broken again?" And I think that internal conflict will be very interesting to watch.

This episode was really good until they brought out the lion. It was a cool though overused idea. It would have been better IF the lion actually looked threatening. The one they used looked like it was about to KO right there and it lumbered off toward the woods when the gang was in the other direction.

I am really glad Guy is back and without his eyeliner! He looks alot better than he did in the premire that is for sure. All he needs now is to be working for the right side but oh well can't wait for next week!



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May 2, 2009 2:05AM EDT

im not sure :S i know there was ment to be chemistry between Ribin and Isabella but i just didnt feel it, i was confused when Robin got angry it seemed to me he wouldnt have given a damn they had so few interactions and even if he was just mad at being betrayed it doesnt make sense that he falls for Isabella in the next episode.maybe its just me but im getting really anoyed at the men in this show every much-kate scene and every Robin-Isabella scene im yelling at the T.V "WHAT ABOUT EVE?!?" and "WHAT ABOUT MARIAN?!?" respectively.


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May 2, 2009 9:30PM EDT

haha. I never cared much for Eve and personally I don't think she would have looked good with Much, nor do I think that Kate is good for him. I feel oddly protective of Much and don't think he would be good in a relationship. It just would be too weird I think.
But with Robin. I see him very much of a Romeo-esque character. When he is first introduced in Romeo and Juilliet, he has lost the woman he was in love with or so we are lead to believe. But then as soon as he meets Juilliet the other girl is almost completly forgotten. Not that I think Robin should forget Marian or anything but that's just the kind of person I think he is.

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