The Voice Season 2 Premiere Review

Viewers that kept their televisions on NBC after the Giants’ Super Bowl victory were treated to a great opening episode of Season 2 of The Voice. I watched the first season of the show and really enjoyed the features of The Voice that distinguish it from other reality show/performance competitions. I like that viewers are not bogged down with several episodes of horrible auditions that seem so contrived, it is hard to believe that the person is not a professional actor or someone purposely planted by producers. I also like the blind audition concept. In an idea world, the most successful performers would be those that are actually talented. Unfortunately, that is not the case as it seems like anyone from Kim Kardashian to a Bravo housewife can call themselves a singer with the assistance of autotunes.

What I love most about the show is the judges. They are truly the highlight of this show for what I’m pretty sure are unintended reasons. Individually and collectively, they have an entertaining ability to create unforgettably awkward moments. To begin, Cee Lo is the master of making thinly veiled sexual remarks to contestants. At times, he will trade in the thinly veiled to the outright overt remark. It makes me cringe, gives me the creeps, always leads me to wonder what the poor contestant is thinking but that aside, I hope he never stops! The lack of reciprocity along with the side eye from the other judges creates amazing moments of awkwardness that are peppered throughout the show. Read More... 


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