Shameless “Father’s Day” Review

The storylines in Shameless move so fast that even though only five episodes of the second seasonhave aired, it seems like ages since Eddie carved a hole in the ice, tied a concrete block to himself and jumping into the icy waters after the humiliating romp between his daughter and Frank went viral. The show moves with enough confidence in its storytelling that it’s rare that I think the writers have forgotten something that happened in the past – no, they haven’t forgotten. They just haven’t gotten around to addressing it – yet.

Macy continues his run of goodwill after his brilliant, dark, twisted storyline regarding heart transplants. I loved the scene where he broke down, trying to get Eddie’s security number out of . It was really funny.

There were a lot of lovely moments in this episode. Debbie’s burgeoning puberty is a sweet storyline that is insanely awkward to watch – especiallly when her friends and family try to give her advice.

Lip’s reaction when he finds out that Karen and Jody "got hitched" and the wonderfully casual way Karen told him was quite devastating. Karen is such an interesting character and Lip’s relationship with her and his realization that he does, on some level, care for her a lot, but has a phobia (probably instilled by Frank) of commitment. Speaking of Frank and Lip, the scene where Frank gave Lip advice, using the parable of "teach a man to fish…" to support neglect was hilarious. Shameless isn’t the kind of show you laugh out loud at, but I howled at that one. Read More... 


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