How I Met Your Mother “The Burning Beekeeper” Review

How I Met Your Mother took an unusual mode of storytelling for tonight’s episode, “The Burning Beekeeper.” The initial set up reminded me in some ways of “Noises Off” with doors constantly opening and shutting as characters ran in and out of different settings within the same set.

The first explanation of the night’s events took place in the living room. We learned about Mr. Cootes forcing Marshall back to work on his night off and about Mr. Cootes vegan rage over spring rolls lost. We heard Barney flip out over his much adored penis and we saw Lily throw her expensive imported Gouda to the floor before a flaming bee-keeper ran through the living room. If “The Living Room” had been the first act of this play, it was a confusing mess. 


Hidden profile
Feb 7, 2012 3:56PM EST

This episode was not worth watching - can't believe I'm saying that about HIMYM. Disappointed!

Large 125274
Feb 7, 2012 4:54PM EST

I'll have to agree sadly, this episode wasn't even close to what HIMYM usually is :)

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