Alcatraz “Guy Hastings” Review

Alcatraz returned this week with "Guy Hastings", the first episode of the series centered on an Alcatraz guard rather than an inmate. When I first heard about this change of pace, I was a little disappointed. One of my favorite parts of this series thus far has been seeing all of the brutal murderers from the past going nuts on today’s inhabitants, and I was afraid that bringing a guard back wouldn’t provide the same level of brutality.

Thankfully, that wasn’t entirely the case, as Guy Hastings definitely cracked a few skulls, but overall I found myself having a hard time really caring about the episode. It turns out Guy knew Ray Archer, so he ends up taking Uncle Ray hostage and forcing him to help settle an old score. The problem here is that we haven’t even seen Uncle Ray since the pilot, and even then it was only for a couple scenes. It’s tough to sympathize for a character that we barely know. Read More... 


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