Gossip Girl “The Back-Up Dan” Review

As expected, this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, "The Back-Up Dan," revealed that the titular character was not, in fact, Georgiana the Troubled Trouble-Maker. At least, it hasn’t always been. As it turns out, G is just filling in for GG after the latter disappeared following Blair and Chuck’s accident. And if possible, she’s fulfilling her duties with even more glee in her black heart than her predecessor.

Last week, we left Blair running away from her wedding reception with Dan driving the getaway car, and we picked up almost from there. Blair needs a quickie divorce and since it was good enough for Elizabeth Taylor, she’s desperate to get to the Dominican Republic where she (apparently) won’t need Louis’s consent. Why she thinks that, as a freaking princess, she can flee the country unnoticed is beyond me. Obviously, it doesn’t work, and she and Dan end up in a hotel that has no spa accommodations. The horror!! Read More...



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