'Supernatural': Unhappy father's day

If emotional baggage was bacon cheeseburgers, Dean Winchester’s life would be a lot sweeter. Heck, it’d be downright awesome.

Sadly, it’s not. And as it turns out, his one-time comfort — non-committal sex with attractive women — doesn’t even provide solace any more. In fact, it’s downright dangerous. No, this week’s episode wasn’t about VD (they’ve gotta save something, should there be a season 8). This week, Dean’s escapades (with Vampire Diaries alum Sara Canning) produced a trouble neither brother had encountered before: a monster love child! (The woman Dean slept with was a succubus and they, apparently, go through the entire baby growing process in about 36 hours. Terrifying.) There could have been a lot of humor in this predicament, but a grim air has been hanging over Sam and Dean all season. So even the most outlandish of predicaments and cases hold a deeper meaning. This case certainly did. Read More...



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