Revenge Sneak Peeks: Victoria Calls in Reinforcements...Conrad's Father

Clearly the divorce is not going in Victoria's favor on Revenge.  In the last episode, after Conrad learned that Charlotte is not his daughter, he used that proof of Victoria's affair to try and shut her out of the assets.  While Victoria was able to lie to Daniel about her affair with David Clarke (claiming, instead, that Charlotte was a result of David raping her), she obviously needs to take some drastic steps to ensure she's not left penniless from the divorce.

When Revenge (finally!) returns this week with a new episode, Victoria decides to call in the big guns: Conrad's father...a.k.a. "Grandpa" Grayson.  It's clear that Grandpa (played by William Devane) has a particular affinity for Victoria.  Conrad, of course, is furious, although Victoria innocently tells him she invited him to discuss Daniel and Emily's engagement party.  In truth, she summoned Grandpa to the Hamptons to keep Conrad on his toes.  Should Conrad refuse to act like Charlotte's father, keep her paternity a secret and give Victoria a fair settlement, Victoria is prepared to get Grandpa to make life difficult for his son at Grayson Global. Read More...


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