Supernatural Sneak Peek: Dean Swears Off One-Night Stands & Sam Faces His Fears

Last week's Supernatural turned out to be a rather emotional episode that brought Dean's current feelings of apathy into stark relief.  Hunting doesn't really interest him any more, as is demonstrated by his lack of interest in their current case.  Even having a one night stand didn't really seem to thrill him.  Although, that situation got interesting quickly when he realized that something was very strange about the woman he slept with.  It turns out she was an Amazon who gave birth to his child...who later grew into a teenager in a matter of days.  When his daughter (Emma) came to kill him in order to be properly initiated into the tribe, Dean hesitated in killing her.  Sam was the one who finally shot her, but it's clear that he's concerned his brother might not be doing his best to make sure he stays alive any more.  Read More...


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