House Review: Fault Lines

Above all else, House values being right. He is confident that his methods work. He knows that breeding conflict fosters ideas. And his methods have an extremely high success rate.

However, in "Nobody's Fault," his methodology is placed under scrutiny and, to the observer, it's deeply flawed. How can House be both right about his patients but wrong in the way he solves each diagnostic mystery?

The episode opens to a red hand print on a hospital room wall, a bloody spattered patient chart and hospital equipment turned upside down. In a format similar to season six's "Baggage", we're shown the patient's story through House's interviews with Dr. Cofield, Foreman's former mentor. Let me pause and ruminate on this character's name: Cofield.  Co-field. He shares Foreman and House's expertise, but practices medicine in a much more conventional way. I digress. Read More...


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