'The Bachelor': A man, a plan, a canal - Panama!


"Bachelor" Ben and the ladies take off for Panama City - there is no word as to the last time Courtney was there, but I'm keeping my ear to the ground for you, dear readers. We find out there's a two-on-one this week, which is excellent. I hope it's Courtney and Emily. Please be Courtney and Emily.Kacie B's DateKacie B. gets another solo date before some of the girls have had one, yikes. Blakeley tackles her in mock anger, and while you know Blakeley is frustrated, it comes across as all in fun, not mean. Courtney, meanwhile, deludes herself by saying that Ben is weeding out the ones he's unsure of. Uh, no. She's the Cinderella to your Evil Stepmother. The Aurora to your Maleficent. The Ariel to your Gross Lady in the Sea with Tentacles and a Scary Mouth.Helicopter. Shocking, I know. Island. Unfortunately, no one gets eaten by a polar bear or a...



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