Gossip Girl Promo: Will Valentine's Day Mean Relationship Beginnings in Episode 5.15?

Gossip Girl this week was a continuation of last week's 100th episode.  After Blair fled the wedding and called Dan for help, the pair eventually made their way to the airport.  Blair hoped to head to the Dominican Republic so that she could get a quick divorce from Louis.  In an effort to hide in plain sight, Blair bought some tourist clothes and called Dorota to bring her passport to the airport.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Serena were both searching for Blair, as was Louis and his mother.  Georgina was on the case as well, hoping to embarrass Blair.  When Louis went on television to ask the city to keep an eye out for his new wife who had gone missing, Blair and Dan checked into a nearby hotel, while Serena and Chuck finally found out about Blair's location from Dorota and headed to the hotel.  Dan got upset when Blair didn't appreciate the lengths he had gone to in order to help her and stormed out, while Serena lied that she had sent the video of Blair and Chuck to Gossip Girl and then got upset that Blair had used Dan, knowing how Serena felt about him. Read More...



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