'Bachelor' episode 6 recap: Kiss this one goodbye

This week on "The Courtney Show," I mean "The Bachelor," they’re off to Panama. Kacie B. gets the first date. The way Courtney sees it, this date could go one of two ways: Kacie could end up going home or she could stay. The reasoning on this one: sharp, very sharp. They are taken to a deserted island, and they each bring three items for survival. Kacie has a monkey toy, a corkscrew and a bag of candy. Ben brings a knife, a net for fishing and matches. Ben sets off cracking coconuts (which Kacie finds hot), fishing with his net, setting a fire, while she giggles. A lot. And claps. And giggles. At dinner, they start off with some awkward small talk. "What do you like to do for fun?" "I like to go to the gym and hang out with friends." Clearly these two are ready for an engagement soon. But then, Kacie opens up about a high school eating disorder. Her opening up makes Ben like her even more, and she gets the date rose.On the group date, Ben takes six women into the rainforest. Read More...



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