Mike & Molly Review: Don't Kiss And Tell

There was a lot of potential for Vince to grow this week as he figured out how to handle Joyce's meeting with an ex-boyfriend. In the end, however, it was Joyce who showed the most maturity when she asked Vince to move in with her. Were you as surprised as Molly and Victoria at Joyce's decision? I was!

Vince had a great chance to develop as a character this week, and for awhile it seemed like he might actually grow up a bit, but in the end he remained the same. When he brought flowers over for Joyce, he seemed determined not to ask about her time with her ex, and I was almost fooled. Quickly, however, it was revealed that he had paid a neighbor to spy on Joyce. Instead of taking the opportunity to progress Vince’s character, "Joyce's Choices" put the burden of growth on Joyce, who is already a more balanced character than Vince. Read More...



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