Unconventional 'House': Dr. Chase's Very Bad Day

To chronicle what may wind up being Dr. Chase's worst day ever, "House" (Mon., 8 p.m. EST on Fox) gave fans one of its occasional unconventional storytelling methods. Rather than the traditional straightforward storytelling approach, the saga unfolded via flashbacks as the team was questioned about the incidents of their latest case.

The case itself was a rather typical "House" type case, with many twists and turns and arguments and pranks and near-death moments. But this time, House's recklessness and seeming total disregard for his patients was being scrutinized because there was collateral damage. Collateral damage in the form of Dr. Chase.

After a disagreement about the diagnosis and therefore the next treatment plan, Dr. Chase and Dr. Adams went in to move forward with the patient. They all knew he had the potential for a psychotic episode, and yet Dr. Chase had a scalpel on hand. So when the patient attacked, Chase found himself stabbed.

As he lay recovering, suffering what he feared might be permanent paralysis from the waist down, Dr. Foreman brought in his old mentor to run the inquiry into his new mentor. If House gets suspended, he violates his parole and goes back into the slammer. So the stakes couldn't have been higher.

In typical House-ian fashion, though, the good doctor had a random flash of insight after a prank with his Vicodin bottle and correctly diagnosed the original patient, saving his life. As for Dr. Chase, he began a full recovery after House diagnosed properly a bloodclot in his spine causing the problem.

The inquisition concluded that as unorthodox as House is, he's effective. Everyone was satisfied, but House himself, who called it a cowardly move. Never satisfied, that guy.

Follow the journey on "House," Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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