Castle “The Blue Butterfly” Review

Seems like my favorite shows are going 40?s recently. Dean Winchester rocked the suits and hats of the 40?s on Supernatural a few episodes back and I hate to say it, but I think that this episode of Castle, called "The Blue Butterfly," may have done it one better. But only because it got ALL of the cast in thecostumes and not only that, but playing characters from that time. Talk about tons of fun.

While on a case, the team finds a diary from an actual PI back in the 40?s, which leads them to a mystery about a necklace known as the Blue Blutterfly. Castle of course has a great time reading the diary and in his head, he casts everyone he knows into all of the roles. Lanie is a sultry singer, his mom is the PI’s secretary, his daughter plays the innocent girl (who turns out to be not-quite-so innocent) who hires the PI, and Ryan and Epsosito are a couple of goons working for a mob boss. This of course leaves the starring roles going to Castle and Beckett, playing the lovers trying to get away from her mob boss boyfriend. Read More... 


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