Cause and Great Effect

What we know so far...

-Guy's mother is French.

-The Sheriff is a loser.

-Irish people have cool accents.

-Much is still not a Lady's Man.

-Stuat Little made his cameo appearance.

-Robin knows more about Guy than Guy knows about himself.

-And then there was Kate. Headstrong, fearless, determined to take care of herself, doesn't seem to think to highly of Robin's leadership. Sound familiar? Kate of Locksley is a fresh face to Nottingham but her attitude seems a little too similar to that of Marian. There are plenty of difference that were a relief, however I hope that more arise and really seperate this firey peasant girl from the clever noblewoman that preceeded her.

One final thing before I go. A question for us to dwell on until next Saturday. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO GUY???????




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