Raising Hope “Tarot Cards” Review

Raising Hope returned this week with a somewhat frustrating episode in "Tarot Cards". Now, I’m not saying the episode wasn’t funny, as just about every episode of Raising Hope can bring the laughs. It’s just hard to watch installments like this one and not feel like we’re just running in place a little bit.

The main story line this week involved Burt working on his taxes, and the inherent stress involved in this ended up stressing out his entire family. In the middle of a temper-filled tirade, he tells Virginia that he wishes he was just a lowly employee like her so that he didn’t have to do "Boss stuff". Virginia, of course, takes this the wrong way and tries to find some sort of business she can go into to prove to Burt and to herself that she has the entrepreneurial spirit that Burt doubts.

I’m just a little sick of the same old formula being applied to every episode. We’ll have some sort of disagreement between the main characters, the other character will try to prove them wrong, and then at the end they both learn the lesson that there’s value to each opinion. It’s such a cliched, sitcommy way to write a TV show in 2012, and it just comes off as lazy for a show that is so much more raw than the standard comedy fare populating the television landscape. Read More...



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