NCIS “Life Before His Eyes” Review

Tonight’s 200th episode of NCIS, called "Life Before His Eyes," gave us a chance to peek into a very different NCIS family than the one we’ve come to know and love over the past nine seasons. The episodebegins with Gibbs picking up his usual morning cup of coffee when a gunman attacks, and in an instant the team leader is in a dream state, alternate universe, Heaven, whatever you want to call it. There he sees old friends, his family, friends he has now, people he’s killed – basically anyone who has ever had an influence on his life.

Earlier today I saw a clip of an interview with Mark Harmon where he spoke about this episode and one of the things he said really struck a chord with me. He mentioned that if anyone watched NCIS for the first time tonight, they would have no idea what was happening. As I watched this episode, I knew exactly what he meant and I for one loved that they did that for us. Because I do feel like tonight’s episode was a gift to us fans, to all of us who have seen every episode multiple times, to those who have maybe..ahem.written some fanfiction about it and done a million other things to show how much they’ve loved this show for so many seasons. Read More... 


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