NCIS: Los Angeles “Partners” Review

Tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles was all about partners, so it was only appropriate that it also be called "Partners." Sam and Callen are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary..oops I mean their fifth anniversary as partners when a case comes their way that involves another long partnership. Soon it’s up to Sam and Callen to break up the team of couriers and through them, they see a bit of themselves, even down to one of the couriers wanting to leave his dangerous life and go out and have a family of his own. Sam has to tell him that it’s not necessarily the white picket fence life he’s picturing.

In the end, neither of the couriers breaks, which leaves Sam and Callen with no other choice but to face a gang of drug smugglers to try and get to the truth. They do find out which of the two partners was behind it all, but at the expense of Callen getting the snot beat out of him by Sam. I saw that scene as another testament to how much those two trust each other, and the rest of their team. Of course Callen knew that Sam was never going to really hurt him, and of course they both knew that Kensi and Deeks, as well as Eric, Nell and Hetty, all had their back. Read More... 


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