Glee “The Spanish Teacher” Review

For me, one of the biggest mysteries of Glee is how a goofy white dude from Ohio such as Will Schuester became fluent in Spanish. As we learned in this week’s aptly title episode, "The Spanish Teacher," he never did. He’s been faking it for years, but employing sombreros and maracas just won’t cut it anymore. To get tenure (which I have never, ever heard of within public high school), Will has to become the world’s greatest non-Spanish speaking Spanish teacher quick.

Who better to help him than Ricky Martin? Still gorgeous fourteen years after he was livin’ la vida loca, Ricky (his character had a different name, but there’s no point in trying to remember it) is clearly a betterSpanish teacher, not only because he speaks the language, but because he has a passion for it. Sadly, Will doesn’t, and never did, which leads to the first Santana smack-down that wasn’t born out of meanness or frustration. She rightfully accuses him of marginalizing her culture through ignorance, rather than hate. Realizing she’s right, Will transfers to the history department and gets Ricky hired as McKinley’s new Spanish teacher. Which means we will never see another scene in Spanish class ever again. Adios, over-sized sombrero! Read More... 


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