Pretty Little Liars Review: "The Naked Truth"

Every answer leads to more questions; but eventually, we'll find out who A really is. Hopefully.

"The Naked Truth" had an interesting premise: every major character is locked in the school overnight and forced to interact. While the whole plot seemed a little contrived, it did lead to a lot of drama and one big revelation. Unfortunately, that revelation had little to do with what we learned last week about Ali's alter-ego.

By the time the "lock-in" started, Emily had a grudge against her principal, Hanna was the most hated girl in school, Spencer was confused by Jason's return, and Aria thought Holden was using/dealing drugs (plus she was blinding people with those hideously fluorescent shoes!). The atmosphere was ripe for dramatic confrontations and the show did not disappoint. Again, there was a lot going on, but the episode kept a much more even pace than last week. Read More...


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