Pretty Little Liars 2.19 Review: Three Truths and a Straight Up Lie

Last night's Pretty Little Liars took the old notion of the truth setting you free and turned the concept on its head. The Liars and their school mates were holed up in Rosewood High for "Truth-Up Day," another excuse for the students to be stuck at school after hours (remember last season's "The Perfect Storm?"). As lame as the experiment sounded, it did manage to its job by exposing enough secrets and truths that would make a gossip monger drunk with information.

It is for this overindulgence of new information that I took it upon myself to give out achievement awards for job well done on last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars and a job well done for the Truth-Up Day. So join me if you will as I pass out the awards to the top achievers within the Truth-Up Day activities. Add your own if your favorite didn't make the cut. Read More...


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