'The Bachelor' Recap: The Ups And Downs of Ben's Relationships

Note: The following contains spoilers if you have not seen Season 16, Episode 6 of ABC's "The Bachelor."

It's week six of "The Bachelor" and Ben is convinced that he's completely on target to find true love among the remaining ladies. Sure, that inevitably comes with a few embarrassing moments that he'd rather not re-live on national television, but that's all part of this amazing journey. Luckily for Ben, most of the low moments were eventually diffused by a high one. And sadly, most of the high moments were eclipsed by low ones. Allow me to elaborate.

The Ups and Downs of Ben's "Relationships"

He's a Survivor ... For the Most Part
Ben and Kacie B. are dropped off on a deserted island to experience what it's like to live in the wild, completely relying on one another's survival skills using only three items from their luggage at Trump's Ocean Club in Panama. Kacie B. brought a stuffed monkey, a bag of gummy bears and a Swiss Army knife. Considering the restraint she exhibited to not pack the baton, I think she deserves an "E" for effort. Ben somehow scrounged up a fishing net, a book of matches and a machete. Had this been a true competition, he and the ABC intern who packed is duffle bag totally outwitted, outsmarted and outplayed Kacie B. Things were going really well as the two sauntered down the beach holding hands, swirling glasses of Merlot. I guess that was in the camera man's bag. Anyway, Ben decides to cut down some coconuts for dinner. Twenty minutes later, he's still hacking away at the stubborn exterior. He feels even less manly as he dines on a balanced meal of gummy bears and the fish Kacie B. caught in his net. Read More...



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