Should You Take A Scary Trip Down 'The River'?

You have to give "The River" (9 p.m. EST Tuesday, ABC) credit for living up to its name.

It does indeed take place on a river, and its premise is, like a big body of water, pretty easy to follow: Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood), the world-renowned host of a popular nature program, has gone missing in the Amazon, and his family is trying to find him. Spooky hijinks ensue.

Having watched five episodes of this eight-hour series, you'd think I'd have something definitive to say about it. "The River" isn't terrible, and it actually has some effective elements, but it's fairly indicative of ABC's post-"Lost" flailing. Over the past five or six years, ABC has tried and tried again to replicate parts of the "Lost" formula, but with more timid concepts and less imaginative executions. Turns out copying selected bits of the iconic island show and throwing a lot of money and actors at those genre-tinged parts just makes those of us who loved "Lost's" strangely addictive and ever-changing melange miss it all that much more. Read More...


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