Smash Recap: The Play’s the Thing

Smash! It’s here!!! It’s finally here!!!! I am going to add a few more exclamation points to add to the theatricality of my excitement!!! It’s the show you’ve been hearing is going to single-handedly save Broadway from the Philistines and NBC from mediocrity. The show that will put America’s Favorite Older Cousin Debra Messing back where she belongs, on the screens and the hearts of homosexualists worldwide, and will at last confer on "newcomer" Katharine McPhee the kind of stardom she has been begging us to bequeath upon her since season five of American Idol, when she came in second to Newt Gingrich. Will it be the greatest, and most idealized look at a moribund American institution since The West Wing? Or will it be a thinly veiled Glee ripoff that stars no one you guiltily want to have sex with? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by turning on our TVs and watching it in unison at the proscribed time every week, commercials included. Right, NBC? Read More...


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