'The River' review: An entertaining spook-fest


"The River" is the latest post-"Lost" offering from ABC that attempts to take what was beloved about that jungle adventure show and create a new jungle adventure show. The scares are plentiful, we will give it that. But neither the mythology nor the characters seem to be, after two episodes, as well-developed or as complex as "Lost's" were.On the "River," Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) is a world-famous nature program host who has gone missing in the Amazonian jungle. His wife Tess (Leslie Hope), son Lincoln (Joe Anderson) and a ragtag band of crew members set off to find him. In the process, they find his abandoned boat, the Magus, and a host of creepy occurrences. The show's creators are Oren Peli and Michael R. Perry and like their "Paranormal Activity" franchise, the show is done in a found-footage format. The Magus is outfitted with cameras covering every square inch of the boat, which means...



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