How I Met Your Mother Recap: Kugel Exercise

You know the drill — if bees in the basement are mentioned in the first act, and so forth. How to feel about this episode? Well, it relied on a structure that the HIMYM audience is a fan of, which is three separate story lines simultaneously unfolding in parallel situations, though it was a cheaper imitation of episodes that did it better ("Three Days of Snow," will we ever stop praising you?).

At Marshall and Lily’s housewarming party, the high points were the small details — beekeeping is somewhat the rage in Brooklyn (though the setting here was Long Island). A little while ago, bees in Red Hook turned pink after foraging at a maraschino cherry company, which was the bee-equivalent of happy hour, which is kind of funny. Also, appetizers should always get their due, so the shout-out to bacon-wrapped figs, pigs-in-a-blanket, and mini-anything was the right call for the couple, who had long ago established their superior hosting skills, though Marshall’s "don’t sleep on the gouda" wasn’t as amusing the second time around. The whole gimmick of five minutes at a party, timed to Robin and Ted’s warming up of kugel, results from Lily’s sudden panic at hosting an evening beset by mishaps, prompting her to confess to Ted: "Every 30 seconds there’s a crisis. Oh God, this is parenthood." It’s not a bad idea — sure, this is hardly their first party, but the older you get, the more formal and managed such events need to be and the idea that adulthood, and especially child-rearing, demands constant negotiation and attention is not a wrong-headed comparison. But the premise was stretched thin when a burning beekeeper became the pivotal moment. Read More...


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