'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Reunion: Part 2

You know how in the typical Part 2 of a bloated Housewives reunion special the action lags and you wonder 20 minutes in if you should just call it a night? What those shows lacked, we now know, is a welcome shot of Brandi. She's my Season MVP for sure. The woman is a weirdly articulate trash bomb of a gal—unapologetically randy, keenly observant and entering the ring with firm sense of self. She inspires drama without seeming hell-bent on manufacturing it. (See: Atlanta's Marlo.) Andy, who is clearly tickled by her, wisely invited her to stay on the sofa for the entire hour.

So not only did Brandi get the opportunity to call out poopy stink when she heard it, but there was good behind-the-scenes dirt and revealing exchanges that'll set a Season 3 up nicely. Brandi oopsy daisy got busted for calling Kyle a c--- in a text meant for someone else. Russell told Brandi that it was Taylor all along who made him send the threatening email to Camille. Meanwhile Lisa took every opportunity to speak up on behalf of Brandi but she let Kyle smirk alone to herself on the other sofa. That friendship is most likely done. Adrienne sneeringly doubted that Lisa would indeed let Jack Pot sip from one of her champagne flutes. Lisa, astonished to once again be second-guessed by the Hoof, shot her back a look of weary disgust. Don't expect a scene of Adrienne inviting Lisa over for jujitsu lessons next season. (First you have to hand-wash your mat, then you aim the sole of your foot straight for Paul's nose.) Read More...



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