The Bachelor Recap: A Man, a Plan, a Bunch of Women, Panama!

We're more than halfway through The Bachelor, a.k.a. The Courtney Robertson Show Starring Courtney Robertson's Naked Body, and this week the women head to Panama City (the one in Panama. They've probably already spent plenty of time in the one in Florida), where they bother some native people; Blakeley makes a classic, yet always hilarious Bachelor mistake; and the producers look deep into Casey B.'s soul and discover within it love for a man who is not Ben. And someone actually tries to teach Ben how to kiss!

Ben welcomes his nine girls to Panama City and urges them to notice how "metropolitan" it is. Kacie gets the one-on-one date and is whisked off in a helicopter to a "private" island, where she and Ben are seen attempting to get coconuts from a tree, attempting to catch edible fish with a net, and then eating a gourmet (totally different!) fish dinner over a fire with plenty of wine. Survivalism! After some small talk (Kacie: "I like to be doing things all the time. I like to go to the grocery store, and cook, and work out"), Kacie declares that she hates small talk and opens up to Ben and America about her teenage eating disorder. Ben, now legally required to give her the rose, does so. Read More...


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