Supernatural Preview: Dean Thinks Sam's Fear of Clowns is Hilarious

Yesterday we posted a sneak peek for the upcoming February 10 episode of Supernatural (watch it here).  After the Amazons escaped town at the end of the last episode, the boys, unfortunately, have no other leads on the women.  While Dean checks in with Frank to prompt him to dig more on the leviathans, Sam spots a possible case for them.  As it turns out, several parents are being murdered in a small town.  What do the victims have in common?  Recently, all of their children were at Plucky Pennywhistle's pizza parlor.  While there, the kids were asked to draw a picture of their greatest fear, which later comes to life and kills their parents.  Expect all manner of monsters and even a murderous unicorn to pop up in the episode.

You may recall that we were introduced to a pretty big fear of Sam's all the way back in season 2 of Supernatural.  It seems the youngest Winchester is seriously afraid of clowns.  Dean's reaction to this fear has remained constant throughout the years: he think it's both ridiculous and hilarious.  Naturally, when it comes time to get the bad guys, Sam has to fight off his own childhood fear while Dean goes after the source of the magic. Read More...


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