'NCIS' 200th episode: Gibbs' wonderful life


For the 200th episode of "NCIS," the show went a little "Wonderful Life," a little "Christmas Carol" and a little "Quantum Leap," as Agent Gibbs is shot in his favorite diner and before the bullet reaches him, real time freezes and Gibbs gets to look at his life and decisions so far.Gibbs, with the help of Mike Franks, Riley McAllister and Shannon Gibbs, gets to take a look at what his life would have been like if he had spotted the sniper who killed Kate, or not gone to exact revenge on Hernandez (the drug dealer who murdered his wife and daughter), or if Shannon had not testified, not been killed and Gibbs had stayed a Marine. In the end, Gibbs makes the decision not to fire back at the person who is firing on him in the diner, who is revealed to be Steven, the son of a suspect in the agency's latest case....



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