Ringer: Does Siobhan Really Love Henry?

I got to thinking about relationships after last week's return of Ringer.  It's clear that Bridget is genuinely falling for Andrew, but the big question right now revolves around Siobhan.  Siobhan is doing her best to play all sides of whatever game she's currently entangled in.  On the one hand, she's been having an affair with Henry for a while and is pregnant with his child.  On the other hand, she did leave him behind when she faked her own death (although she didn't know she was pregnant at the time) and is now trying to convince Tyler that he's the father of her child, supposedly to manipulate him into helping her get information from Andrew's company.

So the big Ringer debate is whether or not Siobhan genuinely loves Henry.  I think the answer to this question goes a long way to understanding the kind of person that Siobhan really is.  It's clear that her marriage to Andrew was likely one of convenience.  So did she just start up with Henry because she was bored or did she really have feelings for him? Read More...



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