The River Review: Does Emmet Cole Play With Dolls?

"Marbeley," the second episode of the exciting new show The River, did not disappoint. In fact, the creepy factor was dramatically increased in an "oh my God I have to cover my eyes" sort of way. Given the location of the story and seeing what they can do with their surroundings, I have no doubt next week will be just as pleasing.

Those "magical" blue dragonflies we encountered in the first episode? It turns out they are more than just enchanting, and perhaps otherworldly. Jahel slept with her mouth open and one of those suckers just waltzed right in. Residing inside must be a spirit.

Given the video of Emmet’s bug bite, his infection and the ridiculous swatting of numerous blue bugs on the boat, it wasn’t a stretch to believe she was going to be possessed. When Jahel approached Tess as Emmet, Tess was more certain than ever he was alive. While Jahel remained possessed on the ship, the rest of the crew took to the jungle to find Emmet. Read More...


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