New Girl Review: Ménage A Trois

Last week, New Girl bravely marched into the self-reflexive breach to take on the haters that dislike Jess because of all her cupcakery and cutesiness (guys, cutesiness is a real word. I know, I was surprised too. Cupcakery is definitely a made up word, though). This week, "Landlord" takes us on an about-face, suggesting that Jess is actually a darling that can make even the most curmudgeonly of curmudgeons love her. 

Normally, this severe of a story jump would give the viewers whiplash, but the main reason it works for New Girl is because the people that hate Jess (or Zooey) aren’t watching. The folks that are tuning in all love Jess, so of course we’ll buy it that one week she can be subject of Lizzy Caplan’s ire and the next week she can smile down a guy with a gun!  Read More...


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