'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Cheaters Never Prosper

Tonight, we got some incredibly shocking news. It's so painful and awful it's hard to type. See, Leah ... doesn't wear waterproof mascara. Oh, and also, there was that thing where Corey asked her if she cheated on him and she did .... haha whoops. Right before their wedding, she hopped on the bone train to Sex Town with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie.

"We were fighting really bad and you weren't being affectionate at all. I was drunk ... " she says, avoiding Corey's sad, crazy eyes. "Was your ring on your finger, or did you take it off for the night?" When Leah admits she wore it during her indiscretion, you can hear Corey's heart download a bunch of Dashboard Confessional and then shatter. Read More...



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