White Collar “Pulling Strings” Review

In this episode of White Collar, called "Pulling Strings", the team is put on the case of a missingStradivarius violin. Only this time it’s not Neal and Peter teaming up to solve it, but Neal and Sara. With Peter busy trying to entertain his in-laws over Elizabeth’s birthday weekend, he loans Neal out to Sara so that she can catch her more recent ex-boyfriend, who is also a thief of very expensive items. It was nice to see Neal and Sara back together for a little while and since they weren’t trying to strangle each other by the end, and in fact were talking about having dinner sometime, I think we might just see her again.

Meanwhile, Agent Kramer is back to sniff out whatever information he can about Neal before his commutation hearing. Since he seems determined to bring Neal down, and maybe Peter and the rest ofthe team with him, I’m thinking things aren’t going to go as smoothly for Neal in that department as we all hoped. Read More...



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