Modern Family “Me? Jealous?” Review

In tonight’s episode of Modern Family, "Me? Jealous?," Phil attempted to woo a potential new client whose business would mean relatively easy money for him. The client, Tad, had been genuinely impressed by Phil’s efforts and as he was leaving the Dunphy’s home, he casually kissed Claire on the lips. Phil was too excited about his own "handshake that almost turned into a hug" to give any weight to Tad’s unusual farewell to his wife, which was precisely why Claire was determined to get Phil to see Tad’s lecherous ways.

With lines like "I dropped by with that tool your wife needed" and "I didn’t come here just to get your wife drunk," Tad seemed to have scumbag written all over him. I fully expected that the Phil/Claire plot line would become one of those standard story lines that revolve around a new character overstepping appropriate relationship boundaries with someone else’s significant other. Read More... 


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