Ringer Review: So Your Mom Was a Bitch Too?

"What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?" made me think that the entire Ringer plot was not unlike one of the word jumbles that Bridget and Siobhan played as girls. Unfortunately, I just don't know how they untangle this web of lies they've created but watching them try is half the fun.

The Ring.  I had wondered if Siobhan had stolen that ring strictly out of spite. Instead it appeared that she needed the cash. I suppose that means the pawn shop owner was out $15,000 for receiving stolen goods. 

I understood that Siobhan needed the passports in another name now that she thinks Bridget knows about Cora Farrell. What surprised me was that she didn't take the passports anyway. She'd already paid for them. They could come in handy. Read More...



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