Southland Review: Who's The Daddy?

As Lydia struggled with her own "Identity" the bigger question loomed unanswered. Who's the Daddy?

Wasn't it funny how everyone figured out Lydia was pregnant. Her mother, her partner, and even Tang. Of course the signs were all there but Lydia waited three months to get herself to a doctor. She was definitely in denial.

She seemed to be wrestling with whether a police detective could also handle being a single mother. Or at least I'm assuming she'd be a single mom since she hasn't mentioned the father. 

We're left to wonder if she's still dating her ex-partner's son or if this is a new guy in her life. I hope we get those answers soon.

Ruben's take on motherhood seemed to surprise Lydia. That Melanie confessed to a murder she didn't commit didn't faze Ruben. Admit to a murder or commit murder, all is fair game when a mother's protecting her child.  Read More...


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