'The River' Premiere: Evil In The Panic Room

ABC premiered its bold new horror-mystery series with a two hour launch for "The River" (Tue., 9 p.m. EST on ABC). The series features the found footage format popularized recently in the "Paranormal Activity" films, among others. It's a very effective tool in keeping the viewer in the same sense of panic and uncertainty as the characters. And with a multitude of cameras in use because they are filming a show within the show, things aren't perhaps as tight and jerky as what was seen on "The Blair Witch Project."

In other words, the cameras are shaky -- except for several mounted cameras on the boat and when several are mounted in the trees during an overnight stay in the jungle in the second episode -- but there are more vantage points and with professionals at the helm, it's not nearly as chaotic. Read More...



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