Justified Recap: Thinning the Herd

This is not a complaint about season three (not nearly enough scenes with Winona dealing with real estate, but whatevs) — but I wonder if we're getting enough Raylan in this first third of the season. Last week, I was struck by the great scramble at the top of the Harlan criminal food chain, and this week's episode deals with a consolidation of that power. But it doesn't involve Raylan a whole hell of a lot, at least not beyond the semi-perfunctory role of the guy who steps in to wrap everything up. I have every confidence that Graham Yost has this situation well in hand, but it's tough not to wonder if, with his relationship with Ava a distant memory, his Aunt Helen now dead (R.I.P. you hardy bitch, you), his relationship with his father damaged beyond Raylan's interest in salvaging it, and even his rivalry with Boyd having settled into a low-stakes cat-and-mouse game, Raylan doesn't have as much personal stake in setting Harlan straight.

We see an attempt to personalize Raylan's work this week, with the story about how Raylan's mother once fled Arlo and sought refuge in Noble's Holler — Limehouse's territory. The tale of how a young Limehouse beat Arlo down when he went to retrieve his wife does a lot to make me like Limehouse, but I'm not sure it quite does the job of giving Raylan a personal stake in the man's criminal enterprises. Read More...



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