Glee Recap: La Cucaracha

Wow! Glee! Look at you go! This episode opens with one of the most culturally insensitive moments in the history of cultures, sensitivity, moments, Mexico, and hats. Mr. Schue and a few students, draped in technicolor serapes and spangled sombreros, chant a frantic, bug-eyed rendition of "La Cucaracha" to a rightfully mortified Spanish class. In voice-over, Mr. Schue delivers a weird nonsense monologue lamenting the chilly reception: "My yearly rendition of ‘La Cucaracha’ on Taco Tuesday used to be such a hit! The truth is, I'm ashamed. To be a teacher is to offer students a gateway to the future and I blew it. How could I become so out of touch?" So … you were trying to offer these students a "gateway to the future" (EVERYTHING IS A GATEWAY TO THE FUTURE, BTW) … via white people in brownface playing leering Mexican stereotypes for laughs? So what you’re saying is that the future is a what-not-to-do diorama at the Museum of Tolerance? Because I’m pretty sure we call that kind of future "the past." Read More...


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