'Teen Mom 2': The juice is back!


Well, whaddya know -- "Teen Mom 2" just got interesting again. Right when we were about to bail, "Falling" was packed with serious drama and kept our attention for a full 90-minute episode.The biggest bombshell of the night was Leah's confession that she cheated on Corey just days before their wedding (and yes, she was wearing her ring while she did the deed). It's sad to see the couple call it quits, but Corey deserves kudos for initiating a divorce. Perhaps his father said it best: "Every time she went down the road to go tanning... you would wonder." Indeed -- and she tans a lot.Kailyn and Joe shocked with another, unexpected scandal in last night's episode. Seemingly out of nowhere, the cameras capture that their residual feelings are alive and well -- and the crazy kids went right ahead and acted on them. Poor Jordan! But it's still a delightful guilty pleasure to see...



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