'American Idol': Symone Black collapses off the stage during Hollywood Week


It's here, y'all. Hollywood Week. The best set of episodes "American Idol" does all season. Not only are these eps a welcome relief from the seemingly endless audition episodes, but they are so gosh darn silly and full of drama that we almost can't take it. There are 309 contestants, which seems like possibly the most? Or it's right up there? Don't quote us on that. But this first day, half of them will sing and half of that half are going home today.This is the round where they sing a capella and get no feedback, then the judges go all "A Chorus Line" and tell the ones who are through to either step forward or stay back in line.High (and low) lights include:Johnny Keyser is back with his Backstreet Boy look and all his vocal tricks. You can tell by the "mmms" coming from the judges' table that he's going to advance.HeeJun Han is...



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