Revenge Review: Opening Pandora's Box

"Perception" is said to be more important than reality. What could be perceived from tonight's episode was that Emily's plot for Revenge has spun out of control.

When did Nolan become Jiminy Cricket?  Nolan once again played the role of Emily's conscience and I hate it when that happens. Nolan's so much more fun when he's Emily's partner in crime. He was a bit dull as he lamented the plight of the mere mortals that were affected by Emily's schemes.

Did he have a point? Of course he did. There's been plenty of collateral damage along the way but I prefer Nolan when he's smirking about Em being a bad girl as she sets houses on fire. He's ever so entertaining when he's plotting with Emily instead of trying to hold her back, even if it is for her own good. Read More...


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