Just Don't Surprise Jane On 'Happy Endings'

Jane does not like surprises on "Happy Endings" (Wed., 9:30 p.m. EST on ABC). Like seriously. The woman maced her friends for surprising her with a birthday cake ... in her apartment. So they were understandably concerned when Brad said he had several surprises planned for Valentine's Day this year.

But Brad thought he had it covered, as he was simply going to tell her about the surprises in advance. But he snuck up behind her to do so, and got an elbow in the face for his trouble. She knows it's not a great reaction, but she simply can't help herself.

The date night didn't turn out so well, though, as Brad was horrified to discover he had his first ever cavity. Even worse, he was terrified of the thought of a local anesthetic, so had the doctor put him completely under. What followed wasn't completely unlike the viral video "David After Dentist."

But while Brad and Jane weren't succeeding in their date, Penny got beat to the punch in breaking up with hers. She was trying to respect the break-up window -- a week around holidays and special events -- but as it turns out so was he. She couldn't stand his winking, and it drove him crazy how much she abbreviates everything.

Penny did manage to convince Dave that his date was doing the same thing, so he decided to destroy their special night to get revenge. But what she was really planning was a hot threesome. Instead, he got nothing. Nobody was finding love, including Alex who got arrested for being a whore thanks to her grandmother's coat.

Surprisingly, it was Max who reconnected with an old flame (James Wolk, "Lone Star"), thanks to some romantic assistance from his friends, and Alex's crazy love for the holiday no matter what may go wrong. Wolk talked with HuffPost TV a bit about his recurring role, teasing next week's developments in his relationship with Max.

"Happy Endings" airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. EST on ABC.

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