Modern Family Recap: Green-Eyed Monster

ABC billed last night’s Modern Family as a Valentine’s Day–themed episode, but there was nary a sighting of Phil’s dashing alter ego Clive Bixby — perhaps because Clive’s previous V-Day antics got Claire into hot water at her recent town council debate (even though no charges were filed!). So, rather than going in for a whirlwind of couples-oriented dinner dates and flowers and greeting cards, this year Modern Family observed this torturous holiday in a less romantic but equally fitting way: by exploring jealousy in a variety of forms.

If there’s any man who should be able to arouse Phil’s jealousy, it’s Greg Kinnear in the role of Tad, a wealthy and charming potential client whose whole life opened up when he got divorced — "living the dream," is how Phil describes it, before he backtracks to placate a rightfully huffy Claire. Phil has nothing but man-love for Tad, whom he invites over for salmon/steak/chicken/shrimp (it’s a bit of a risk to just serve salmon to a first-time diner at the Dunphys), and Claire too seems enchanted throughout dinner, as more and more fancy Malbec is consumed (Isn’t Drunk Claire the best?). All goes well until it’s time for good-byes, when Tad lays a smacker right on Claire’s lips (Phil misses the whole thing — smitten Phil goes in for a hug but is rebuffed in favor of a handshake). Claire’s face registers an array of emotions — utter shock, moderate discomfort, a touch of excitement — but Phil is entirely unruffled, chalking it up to all the time Tad’s spent in Costa Rica. "That’s probably how they do it there … Most of them travel by zip line," Phil reassures Claire, who’s quite sure this isn’t some cultural divide. Tad lingered. Read More...


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